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Tires, Inner Tubes, Flat Prevention

Fix a flat tire or replace an inner tube on your Bob Stroller.

Instructions: How to fix a flat tire.

Tire and inner tube size can be determined by referencing the print on the sidewall of your tire. The first number is the diameter which would indicate the tube size. Example:  A 16 x 1.75 tire would take a 16 inch inner tube. If the tire needs replacing select the same tire specified for your BOB stroller.

We offer BOB factory original tires. Why is this important? In addition to being marked for proper inflation pressure, BOB tires are designed for use on your particular model BOB stroller.

Fine tune your tire / inner tube search:

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    BOB Revolution Tire & Tube Set


    Revolution Stroller Tire & Tube Set

    The BOB Revolution Tire & Inner Tube Set allows you to completely renew the rubber on the most common BOB Revolution Strollers (see list below). Replace your old leaky and brittle inner tubes and worn tires for maximum reliability and safety. This...

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    Now: $86.13
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  • Earthguard - Bulk Tire Liner Set Mr Tuffy Tire Liner (pair)

    Mr Tuffy Tire Liner (pair)

    Simply put, Mr. Tuffy (or Earthguard Equivalent) prevents puncture flats. When placed between tire and tube, it provides a protective layer between road hazards and the inner tube. Thorns or glass that may penetrate the tire are blocked from the inner...

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  • BOB Stroller 16 inch inner tube - folded BOB Stroller 16 inch inner tube - flat (not inflated)

    Inner Tube 16

    16 Inch Inner Tube holds air inside the rear tires of the BOB Revolution Stroller (SE, Flex, Pro, Stroller Strides), Alterrain models, all 3 tires on the BOB Sport Utility Stroller, BOB Ironman Strollers and Duallie equivalents. Original quality Low...

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  • BOB Stroller 12.5 inch inner tube (folded) BOB Stroller 12.5 inch inner tube (open)

    Inner Tube 12

    12 Inch Inner Tube fits inside all 12" or 12.5" BOB Tires to hold air, including the front tire of all BOB Revolution Strollers, Stroller Strides and all three tires on the BOB Revolution CE, AW. Also fits BOB Rambler stroller with straight inner tube...

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  • BOB Ironman Stroller Tire Ironman Stroller Tire - Tread Pattern Closeup

    Tire - BOB Ironman 16 x 1.5

    BOB Ironman Stroller Tire 16" x 1.5": Exact BOB original equipment tire, fits all BOB Ironman Strollers and Ironman Duallie wheels. Higher pressure tire for less rolling resistance (requires metal rims). Aluminum Ironman wheels can have the tires...

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  • Revolution Flat Prevention Kit

    Revolution Flat Prevention Kit

    Tired of fixing flat tires! This kit will allow you to replace your old leaky, brittle inner tubes plus add a protective Tire Liner. This combo offers superior flat prevention. This Revolution flat prevention set includes one front and two rear original...

    MSRP: $51.83
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    Revolution Standard Inner Tube Set

    Revolution Standard Inner Tube Set

    Renew your old leaky and brittle inner tubes. This inner tube set fits Revolution strollers with 12.5 (12" tube) inch front tire and larger 16 inch rear tires. This set features standard weight OEM quality inner tubes. Will not fit Revolution AW/CE...

    Was: $29.85
    Now: $26.87
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  • Tire - BOB Motion Rear

    Tire - BOB Motion Rear

    BOB MOTION Rear Tire 10 x 1.75. Includes one BOB MOTION Rear Tire. Works on either the right or left rear side. Inner tube sold separate. Note: Motion front tire, inner tube and wheel are sold as complete assemblies. See Ready-To-Roll Wheel section.

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