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Stroller Fabric & Safety Harness Info

BOB Stroller Fabric/Safety Harness Parts

We receive quite a few questions about fabric and safety harness parts for the BOB strollers. Hopefully this article will answer any questions you may have.

On both older and newer strollers, safety harness parts are not available for replacement. Anything that is sewn to the seat is considered to be part of the seat.  The only way to fix a broken harness strap or main safety buckle is to replace the entire seat, at least, according to BOB.  This also applies to any other part of the seat, such as a seam or fabric, that is frayed, torn or has holes in it.

The first thing to do is locate your Serial Number to determine the model year.

It is very important to note that the Serial Number determines your Model Year, which is independent of the manufacture date. To determine your stroller's Model Year, cross reference your Serial Number with the ranges of numbers listed in the link above. For instance, all 2007 Model Year strollers listed were manufactured between 2007 and most of 2010.  Example: If you have a BOB stroller manufactured in 2009, it is still considered a 2007 model.

Fabric parts for *2007 and older Model Year strollers are no longer supported and have completely sold out.  Unfortunately, the currently available seats, canopies and lowboys will not fit on these older model strollers due to dramatic design differences.

*All strollers manufactured between 2007 and late 2010 are considered 2007 models. 

Distribution of 2011-2015 fabric parts are now winding down but there is quite a bit of cross-over compatibility between the different model BOB Strollers within those years. For instance, you can use Revolution Flex Stroller fabric parts on the Revolution SE Strollers. If you have any questions regarding compatibility and availability, please do not hesitate to call or contact us!

Please visit our Fabric Parts pages for available BOB Seats, Canopies, & Lowboy Cargo Baskets.