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530-938-2900 or 800-969-6199

Frame Parts

Genuine BOB Stroller frame replacements parts. For all 2016 and newer frame parts, except Upper Handlebar Replacements, please contact BOB directly (

  • Pump pocket. Handlebar console installed

    BOB Handlebar Console with Pump

    BOB Handlebar Console with Tire Pump for all BOB Single Strollers and the BOB Motion Stroller. Everything you need is now within your reach: keep stroller tires inflated, beverages insulated and items organized. A convenient on-the-go tire pump is...

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  • BOB Quick Release QR9630 BOB Quick Release QR9630 (with label)

    BOB Quick Release Stroller/Trailer

    Front quick release lever assembly for all BOB Strollers except 2016 models and newer. Used to secure front wheel to the fork. Also used to secure BOB Trailer wheel to Yak and Ibex trailers. This is an assembly so none of the individual components are...

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