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Anatomy of a BOB Stroller Wheel

Wait! Don't you mean stroller tire? No, I thought you were talking about the inner tube? Ahh, the confusion. Hopefully, the following information will put us all on the same page for recommending the correct parts for your BOB Stroller.

A BOB Stroller Wheel is either the black polymer wheel found on BOB Revolution and Sport Utility Strollers or the aluminum wheel found on the Ironman, Revolution AW/CE, & older Sport Utility D'Lux Strollers. The tire and inner tube mount on the wheel.

The BOB Stroller Tire is the tread that makes contact with the ground, but is not the part that holds air in the system.   Although you may hear the phrase "pump up the tire" more often than not, you are actually pumping up the Inner Tube.  That pumped up inner tube is what holds the shape of the tire when properly inflated for safety and performance.

If you have never changed an inner tube on your BOB Stroller, you have likely pumped it up now and again. The valve stem poking through the rim of the wheel is part of the inner tube. In fact, it's the only part of the inner tube you can see when looking at your fully assembled BOB Stroller Wheel. When properly installed, the inner tube is tucked safely in between the tire and the rim of the wheel.

If you experience a "flat tire" or your tire keeps deflating, you have likely punctured the inner tube.  You might ask "How does the inner tube get punctured if it's hidden under the tire?"   While the stroller tire offers more than adequate protection under normal circumstances, it is not infallible to "road hazards" like goat heads, thorns, or glass to name a few.   Improper installation and pinch flats can also rupture the inner tube.

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