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Model Year FAQ:

How do I know what model year I have?
Please see our Model Year Reference to determine your stroller / trailer model and year. Always include your serial number when contacting us with parts questions. It really does help us help you.

Infant Car Seat Adapter FAQ:

Where can I find info about older model Infant Car Seat Adapters?
Learn more about Older Infant Car Seat Adapters for pre-2010 and older BOB strollers. See also model year info above to determine your stroller model. 2007 was the last model for strollers before BOB added the accessory adapter feature found on 2010/2011 and newer models.

Stroller Frame & Handlebar FAQ:

Do you have handlebar foam replacement?
No. Foam is not available as a replacement part. The only way to fix damaged or deteriorating foam is to replace the handlebar. Please visit our Handlebar parts page.

Can I change the fixed front wheel on my stroller to a swiveling wheel?
No, there is no factory solution to convert the fixed front wheel of a Sport Utility or Ironman Stroller to a swiveling wheel as found on the Revolution strollers.

Can I put a hand brake on my Revolution Stroller?
No, most Revolution models offer the parking brake and there is no way to add a hand brake to models not manufactured with one. Only the Pro model offers a hand brake.

Why can't I find any replacement shocks for my model year BOB Stroller?
Replacement shocks for pre-2011 BOB Strollers sold out several years ago and are no longer made. The newer shocks (2011-2015) are not compatible due to dramatic design differences. We have heard of one user that installed a turn-buckle in place of the broken shock on their older stroller. Obviously, there is no shock absorption, but it did secure the stroller in that spot. If you have a 2016 or newer BOB Stroller, you will need to contact BOB directly (888-427-4829) for assistance because they are not making these parts available to us.

Wheel & Tire FAQ:

My tire is flat. How do I fix it?
If your BOB Stroller or Trailer has a flat tire see the following articles:

How do I know what size tire & tube I need to replace?
Tire and inner tube size can be determined by referencing the print on the sidewall of your tire. The first number is the diameter which would indicate the tube size. Example: A 16 x 1.75 tire would take a 16 inch inner tube. If the tire needs replacing select the same tire specified for your BOB stroller. Visit Tires, Inner Tubes, Flat Prevention for full line of replacement options.

Stroller Fabric FAQ:

I don't see seat safety harness straps/buckles on your website. Where can I purchase these?
No part of the seat safety harness and buckle system is available for replacement because it is sewn to the seat and, therefore, part of the seat. The only option we have available from BOB is to replace the entire stroller seat.

I want to replace the fabric on my stroller but I can't find the parts on your website.
If you can't find the fabric replacement parts you are looking for, you most likely have a 2010 or older stroller. For further information on this topic see: BOB Stroller Fabric & Safety Harness Info

BOB Bicycle Trailer FAQ:

Are replacement BOB Yak and Ibex bicycle trailer forks interchangeable?
Yes, all BOB Trailer Forks will fit either the Yak or Ibex trailers. The only difference is color and logo.

How do I determine what is needed to attach my trailer to my bike?
Please visit our Quick Release & Nutz page to learn more about attaching your trailer using quick release, nutz and thru-axles.