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Tire Liners vs. Thorn Resistant Inner Tubes

Tire Liners vs. Thorn Resistant Inner Tubes

Tire Liners vs. Thorn Resistant Inner Tubes

Tire liners and thorn resistant inner tubes are two methods of simple flat prevention used on Bob Strollers, as well as bicycles in general. Let's look at how the two options differ.

Thorn Resistant Inner Tubes

As the name implies, thorn resistant inner tubes are resistant to thorns and punctures but are not puncture proof. Thorn resistant inner tubes simply utilize thicker rubber when compared to a standard inner tube. If you want to add some peace of mind this is an easily installed option.

Thorn resistant tubes add weight to the outside of the wheel and is noticed more than weight added elsewhere on a stroller since this is rotational weight. We are talking grams, so it isn't huge but is noticed when accelerating.

Liquid filled tubes are sometimes referred to as another "thorn resistant" option. Although effective when new, liquid sealant requires periodic maintenance because the sealant will dry out and become ineffective over time. We do not offer this type of product because of this.

Tire Liners

Tire Liners are a flexible strip of tough material that is very difficult to penetrate. They are installed between the inner tube and tire and offer increased flat protection compared to thorn resistant inner tubes. Tire liners tend to be lighter weight than thorn resistant inner tubes or liquid filled tubes. We recommend using tire liners in situations where flats are common, such as the thorny desert southwest or urban areas with broken glass.

We suggest using standard inner tubes with tire liners. Some people install tire liners plus thorn resistant tubes but we feel this is overkill and results in excessive rotational weight.

Tire liners are sized to cover the entire tire contact area plus some of the tire sidewall. Thorn resistant tubes offer full coverage but that coverage is not as bullet proof as the area covered by a tire liner.

Not all Tire Liners are created equal. We offer Tire Liners made of a special blend of polyurethane polymers that have a long track record of preventing flat tires. Inferior liners may be made of a rubber compound that is about as effective as thorn resistant tubes. Others use a hard plastic material that actually causes more flats than it prevents.

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