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Anatomy of a BOB Stroller Wheel

Anatomy of a BOB Stroller Wheel

Oct 21st 2017

Wait! Don't you mean stroller tire? No, I thought you were talking about the inner tube? Ahh, the confusion. Hopefully, th
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Flat Tires & How To Fix Them

Oct 20th 2016

If your BOB Stroller, Yak Trailer or Ibex Trailer has a flat tire you may need to replace the inner tube. The inner tube is
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BOB Stroller Fabric/Safety Harness Parts

Sep 2nd 2015

We receive quite a few questions about fabric and safety harness parts for the BOB strollers.  Hopefully this blog topic
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The BOB Parts Blog

Feb 14th 2014

Welcome to the BOB Parts blog!Sharing pertinent information about genuine BOB gear, parts and accessories to customize and k
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