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BOB Infant Car Seat Adapters for Older Model BOB Strollers, 2005-2010

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If you are thinking about purchasing, or already own, a 2006-2010 BOB Duallie Stroller or a 2005-2010 BOB Single Stroller and want to use an Infant Car Seat Adapter (ICSA) with it, here are some things to consider:

  • All 2011 and newer BOB Infant Car Seat Adapters are 100% not compatible with pre-2011 BOB Strollers due to dramatic design differences.
  • Click here, CS0701, for information on the 2005-2010 BOB Single Infant Car Seat Adapter.
  • Click here, CS0702, for more information on the 2006-2010 BOB Duallie Infant Car Seat Adapter. This adapter has, unfortunately, sold out and is no longer made. However, you may be able to find it used.
  • If you do find a used CS0702 ICSA and require additional parts, please visit our Infant Car Seat Adapter Parts page.

Compatible Infant Car Seats

Finding compatible infant car seats for the older Infant Car Seat Adapters, Single & Duallie, has become problematic since BOB no longer supports these products. While we can not recommend or endorse the use of certain newer model car seats with these older adapters, there are those that have found success with such brands as the Britax B-Safe, BOB B-Safe, Chicco KeyFit, and even the Graco SnugRide Click Connect seats. None of these are on BOB's list of compatible seats. It is a judgement call for the user to determine if it will meet their needs. Otherwise, refer to the Seat Compatibility Chart for the CS0701 and CS0702 ICSA's or give us a call with any questions. We're here to help!

Considering A Used BOB Stroller?

We recommend finding a 2011 or newer BOB Stroller if you need to use an infant car seat adapter. This way you can use the current 2011 and newer BOB Infant Car Seat Adapters and associated compatible infant car seats. Many of the early 2011 model BOB Strollers were manufactured in late 2010. Check our Serial Number - Model Year Reference page to determine the model and year. If the stroller serial number correlates with models indicating 2010/2011, it is a 2011 for all intense purposes. If you don't know the serial number of a used stroller you are thinking about purchasing, simply refer the seller to the link above. We highly recommend acquiring the serial number of any used stroller, prior to purchase, to verify model year.

Special Note on 2004 and older BOB Single Strollers & 2005 Duallie Strollers

There are no adapters available for these much older strollers. There used to be a retro-ICSA (CS0506) compatible with 2002-2004 BOB Single Strollers, but they sold out so long ago that we have no idea where to find any at this point, new or used. The 2005 Duallie Strollers did not not yet have a compatible adapter.

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