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Cranking since 1994!

What is the best bicycle cargo trailer for your needs and how do you pair it with your bike? Since 1994, we have been helping cyclist with questions like these. Another useful reference is the product owner's manual. Owner's manuals contain useful information including warnings, assembly, maintenance and safe use of BOB trailers. Download Bob Yak/Ibex Owner's Manual.

BOB has you covered with the Yak and Ibex bicycle trailers. The Yak is the original lightweight bike utility trailer that can be used on and off road. If mountain biking or off road is your thing, the Ibex is specifically designed for trail riding and provides suspension for your cargo making cargo easier to tow and handle.

  • BOB Yak Plus

    BOB Yak Plus

    BOB Yak Plus The Yak Plus is the original design. If you have a 29er mountain bike or 700c road bike with full wrap fenders look at the Yak 28 version. BOB Yak extends the range of bicycle use for both transportation, recreation, and training. In fact,...

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  • BOB Yak Plus 28

    BOB Yak Plus 28

    BOB Yak Plus 28 The Yak Plus 28 trailer comes with a longer fork and is designed for 29er mountain bikes and 700c road bikes with full wrap fenders. "Plus" indicates the BOB Dry Sak is included. BOB Yak extends the range of bicycle use for both...

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